Puttur Bhagavathi Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple

History of this temple dates back to more than a thousand years, when a king named Rama Bhoja was proclaimed the king of Parashurama Kshethra. He, being a great devotee of Lord Parashurama intending to perform a Maha Yajna, had the site for the sacrificial fire ploughed. A serpent got into the plough and was killed. Although the serpent was a demon in disguise, the king was worried as it was a sin to kill a serpent. To atone this sin, he was directed by Lord Parashurama who appeared in his dreams to build a big silver pedestal for Lord Shiva who resided in a form of Linga. The pedestal came to be known as “Rajathapeeta”, a seat for the Lord.
On the request of Lord Shiva, Lord Parashurama also resided in the Linga and came to be known as “Anantheshwara“.

Lord Parashurama also directed the king to build Four Nagalaya’s (Subrahmanya Temple) and Four Durgalaya’s (Durga Temple) one in each corner of the Anantheshwara Temple.The four Nagalaya’s in Thangodu, Mangodu, Muchilkodu and Arithodu, and the four Durgalaya’s in Kadiyali, Bailoor, Puttur and Kannarpady.

Puttur Bhagavthi Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple being one among the four Durgalaya’s is one of the oldest temple among the region. It is situated 4 k.m North of Udupi Town.

The deity in this temple is in one rare form, where the Goddess resides in a Swayambhu (Linga) form.

Along with the main deity, Lord Ganapathi and Lord Veerabhadra are also worshipped in the Temple.

On the special occasion of Navaratri, devotees from all-over gather to seek the blessings of Puttur Bhagavathi Sri Durgaparameshwari. This is one of the places to visit in Udupi while on a tour or during festive seasons. Our Exploring Udupi Team is all set. Are you Ready to Explore Udupi?

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