Kote Anjaneya Sri Bhojana Shala Mukhyaprana Temple

Kote Anjaneya” – one among the many beliefs where a town was designed in a way that the entrance had a Deity of Lord Anjaneya to protect the town from negative influences.
With a Similar intent, centuries ago, an idol of Kote Anjaneya was installed at the entrance of the Town Udupi. This place came to be known as Jodukatte.
“Jodukatte” where the idol was installed centuries ago
This story dates back to late 1800’s.A child was suffering  from a chronic disease. This mother’s child made a vow (“harake” as called in kannada) that she would build a shrine of Mukhyaprana if her son outlived this disease. Years passed by, this child recovered from the disease. He was appointed as the 27th Pontiff of Sri Shiroor Mutt, H.H.Sri Lakshmisamudra Theertha Swamiji.
The Swamiji wanting to fulfil  the vow made by his mother, thought of building a shrine dedicated  to Lord Anjaneya. But as it was located at the entrance of the town it was difficult to be worshipped.
So, the Swamiji built a shrine inside the Krishna Mutt and installed this idol of Kote Anjaneya, which now is known as Bhojana Shaala Sri Mukhyaprana.
This deity has ever since  been fulfilling the wishes of the devotees who offer their prayers at this shrine. An interesting fact to note is the age old custom of partaking the prasadam at the Bhojana Shala on the bare floor, which is a one of its kind practice.
Since 2010, during the paryaya  tenure of the present pontiff of Sri Shiroor Mutt, H.H. Lakshmivara Teertha Swamiji, this idol is being decorated with variety of fruits, flowers and sandal paste on every Saturday.
Special thanks to,
Sri Vadiraj Pejathaya,
Sri Lathavya Acharya and
Sri Guruduth.

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