Kodavoor Sri Shankara Narayana Temple 

 The early Centuries of the Salivahana Saka Era marked the renaissance of Hinduism all over India, both South and North a few Centuries, after Buddhism and Jainism had swept over the Continent. With the resurgence of Hinduism, worship of Vishnu, Shankar, Durga, Ganapthi began to gain importance, each deity above governing some aspect of Cosmic Power. Needless to say, the worship of the Lord in the name of Vishnu and Shankar gained greater importance. Vaishnavites(the ardent followers of Vishnu) and Saivites(the followers of Shiva Shankara), both glorified their respective ideology and idol worship form, to the extent of even vilifying all other forms of worship. Even the Founder Acharyas of various cults of Hindu Philosophy could do little to curb the mutual distrust or rampant criticism of one sect by the other.


      It was at such a juncture, more than a millennium ago, that a pious soul, one Kroda Muni living in a hamlet on the banks of river Indrani(Malapaha) winding its way round Kodavoor to the Hindu Maha Sagar at Malpe, the fisheries town on the sea-coast, sought to patch up the difference between the two sects and achieve the worship of One Form of the Lord combining Shankara and Narayana. He sat devoutly in deep penance and prayed to the Lord to appear before him in One Form manifesting the dual aspect of the Cosmos-the seemingly opposite aspects of Protection and Destruction-just in One Form. He honestly felt that if people accepted this combined form of the One Lord all the fissiparous and decadent tendencies of criticism of either form of worship would come to an end heralding a new Era of cadence and glory of Hinduism.


         In response to his ardent prayers, the Lord appeared before him in One Form and agreed to be available to the devotees in one and One Form only. Soon, in a well in the village, a Lingam made up of two halves-quite dissimilar halves-joined to form one Lingam was found. This was joyously installed and worshipped by the devotees in the present temple precincts and is still being worshipped in the form of Shankaranarayana. This is the Presiding diety of Kodavoor(Krodashram), “Lord Shankaranarayana”


Special Thanks to Sri Janardhan Kodavoor for providing us the Information and Pictures

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